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Britney Spears’ Cover of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Think’ Trashed Online

After Taylor Swift was mercilessly dragged for turning Earth Wind & Fire’s “September” into a country ballad, Black Twitter users have turned their attention to another pop star. Britney Spears’ Instagram-filtered cover of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Think’ may have been good fun to her, but fans of the soul icon were less than impressed.

“Channeling my inner Aretha Franklin – the woman has got so much soul!!!! ⭐🍎⭐,” Spears wrote Monday, April 16.

Using a filter that gave the “Slumber Party” singer sparkly bunny ears and a high-pitched voice to match, Spears belted out Franklin’s 1968 feminist anthem.

While fans of the 36-year-old couldn’t get enough of the rare live vocals, others blasted the singer. Especially after a fan made a pitched down version to reflect Spears’ natural singing voice.

“I really set myself up for disaster sometimes. Why would I click on a video of Britney Spears singing Aretha Franklin?” someone said.

“Britney Spears just tried to sing Aretha Franklin,” another began. “I need her and Taylor Swift to stop eating Karen’s bland ass potato salad.”

Another tweeted, “Britney Spears sings Aretha Franklin acapella; I listen to it at work and collapse laughing in the handicap stall. We all lost something today.”

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