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Black Twitter Won’t Allow R. Kelly to Take a Visit to Wakanda

Everyone including celebrities raved about seeing “Black Panther” last weekend. When the Atlanta airport jokingly offered nonstop flights to the Kingdom of Wakanda, fans celebrated the news and wanted to book the destination.

Singer R. Kelly wanted to join in on the fun and tweeted “Hell, I’m on my way too! Amazing film!#BlackPanther.”

This didn’t sit well with fans. The Grammy winner has been under fire for allegedly keeping women-against their will-in a sex cult. The “Ignition” singer has denied these claims and his lawyer Linda Mensch said her client was “alarmed and disturbed by the recent revelations attributed to him.” One of the women that lived with him dispelled the rumors and told TMZ she was not being held captive and  she was “totally fine.” But Black Twitter wouldn’t let R. Kelly take his trip to Wakanda.


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