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Trolls Post Fake Images of People Being Assaulted at ‘Black Panther’ Premiere, Black Twitter Responds Accordingly

Black Panther

Black Twitter users responded to claims of racially-motivated violence at “Black Panther” showings with a few creative tweets of their own. (Tweet courtesy of @j_infin8te)

Grossing nearly $25.2 million before it officially hit theaters, Marvel’s “Black Panther” had some white folks pulling out all the stops to discredit the movie’s slated success at theater box offices nationwide.

The highly-anticipated film, starring “Marshall’s” Chadwick Boseman, smashed several box office records this holiday weekend, raking in a cool $218 million, according to Variety. It’s now the second-largest preview gross for a Marvel film while its estimated three-day gross of $192 million cements it as the fifth-highest movie debut of all time.

News of “Black Panther’s” outstanding success had some folks triggered, however. Racist trolls took to Twitter over the weekend to allege that they had been viciously attacked by Black teens at the film’s premiere in an effort to hurt its success. Many of the fake tweets featured photos from actual cases of violence, resulting in some accounts being deleted or suspended altogether.

But Black Twitter was privy to the bs and hit back at the racially-motivated tweets with a few creative “reports” of their own.

It’s safe to say all the fake claims have officially been debunked.

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