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Top 5 Stories You Missed While You Were Sleeping

Today Last Day to File Taxes: Today April 17, is that last day to file for 2017 taxes. On April 6, the IRS processed over 200 million taxes and issued more than $200 billions in tax returns.

The D.A Throws out Too Short’s Rape Case: Rapper Too Short will face no criminal charges after a women accused him of rape. The L.A. County District Attorney dismissed the case due to insufficient evidence.

Usher’s Home Gets Robbed for over $800K: Usher’s estranged wife filed a police report with LAPD that the singer’s home was robbed. According to TMZ, the robbers stole the security cameras, $820K in cash, and jewelry.

Residence in Hawaii Airlifted After Flooding and Landslides: Rescue efforts continue in Hawaii after weekend flash flooding and landslides. According to CNN, rescuers airlifted 152 people by helicopter, 121 by bus and others by water.

German Student Admits to Killing a Classmate that Turned Him Down: A 26-year-old German man killed a classmate that refused his romantic advances. He was also accused of sexually assaulting her body after her death, which he denied.

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