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Ex-Destiny’s Child Member LaTavia Roberson Accused of Shading Beychella

One of the most talked about moments at Coachella was the Destiny’s Child reunion.  And while many applauded Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams’ performance alongside Beyoncé, some weren’t exactly fans. That seemed to include former DC member LaTavia Roberson.

The singer, who was part of the group’s initial 1997-2000 lineup, was caught liking a tweet by entrepreneur and entertainer Ts Madison that dissed Williams’ footwork during her two-minute performance with DC.

destiny's child latavia

Folks quickly took notice, too.

“Latavia can continue tweeting old DC4 pics and about missing Beyoncé and her mama cooking while Michelle actually is still part of DC and the Knowles family,” someone said in response.

“Latavia is shady for this, Michelle can sing better than you @IamLaTavia,” someone else tweeted.

However, Roberson wrote in IG comments that she, “liked the first half of this post” before complimenting Beyoncé and proclaiming others “stay trying to create beef between us.”

“It’s been 20 years people!” she concluded. “WE GOOD.”

destiny's child latavia

When Madison said the former child of destiny “had every right to laugh at it cause it was not that serious,” the singer replied saying she wished everyone else could lighten up.

destiny's child latavia

Later, Roberson changed her statement some and tweeted that she had no recollection of even liking the post.

“Excuse me? I don’t even remember that post nor liking it… I was just going down my newsfeed liking everything. Stop making me the person I’m not. Aren’t y’all tired?” she said.

But the chatter didn’t stop and folks continued to discuss the apparent diss.

“But then again Latavia did like some shade towards Michelle this weekend. I’m all about unity but for me, Destiny’s Child is forever DC3. Beyoncé shouldn’t bend too far backwards trying to be nice because there is no winning in this situation. The originals will never be satisfied.”

“Latavia untalented ass is the last one to shade a [talented] vocalist like Michelle,” someone tweeted. “Sis, get a job cause you won’t be reuniting with Bey and Kelly.”

By Monday, April 16, Roberson had enough of the shade accusations.

“Y’all stay in your feelings,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, several fans had her back.

“F— ’em! Continue to do you💛,” someone responded.

“Real fans know you guys are all cool,” someone said. “But on a more serious note shouldn’t the media be reporting this war we’re about to have instead of trying to pit black women against each other. Can they never win @celebsgo?”


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