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Top 5 Stories You Missed While You Were Sleeping

Senator Marco Rubio Says Kanye West is the Next Speaker of the House: The position as Speaker of the House will be open once Paul Ryan steps down. Sen. Rubio said the position is so easy that anyone could do it, even rapper Kanye West. Since West has spoken about pursuits of being the next president, this may be a good position for him to get his political feet wet.

YG Calls the NBA Soft and Insist He Could Play in the League: Rapper YG had some harsh criticism about the today’s players in the NBA. “I feel like I could play in the NBA with all these soft ass n*ggas,” the rapper told TMZ. He added that the league isn’t as good as it was in the 90s.

President Trump Hires a Task Force to Study the Postal Service: After the president called out Amazon for what he believed was misusing the U.S Postal Services, he has launched a task force to study the postal service due to the company paying little to no taxes.

Meek Mill Speaks About His Probation Violation Imprisonment: Rapper Meek Mill spoke over the phone in an interview with Lester Holt of NBC Nightly News about his imprisonment due to violating his 10-year probation. Meek said, “It was always a thought in the back of my mind that ten years of probation would bring me back to prison.”

Airlines Plan on Expanding Airports to Better Suit Passengers: Over the next few years, airlines such as American Airlines, United and Delta Airlines plan to spend $100 billion in renovations. This will take place at various locations such as Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and more.

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