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Lil Mama Thinks Nicki Minaj Is Getting Her Karma for Treatment of Other Female Rap Legends

Lil Mama has inserted herself in the dustup between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and not everyone is feeling what she has to say.

After Minaj tearfully explained Cardi “really hurt me” for publicly saying Minaj had changed her “Motor Sport” verse rather than being grateful that the two collaborated, Lil Mama posted an interview Thursday where Missy Elliot discussed having respect for older artists.

“I never looked at James Brown like, ‘You’re irrelevant’ when Michael Jackson came along,” Missy explained to “The Breakfast Club” in 2012. “These people have built a foundation. And not just people of my era but people of the era before me, the [MC] Lytes, the [Queen] Latifahs, the Salt n Pepas … so we just have to respect each other.”

In response, Lil Mama wrote in the caption,”#LEGENDARY  Lyte, Missy, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Roxanne, Eve, Remy, Moni, Queen Latifah, Salt n Pepper, and the list goes on… even in r&b. I will never call y’all irrelevant or downplay the way you’ve paved the way.”

“#YouReapWhatYouSow,” she added, indicating Minaj is getting what she deserves from Cardi after previously dissing Remy Ma and Lil Kim.

Adding insult to injury, Lil Mama also posted and later deleted a repost of Michael Blackson’s IG of Minaj on the cover for her new single, “Chun-Li,” and compared it to a Lil Kim photo. Minaj’s face was covered by comedian Blackson’s on the post.

But while Lil Mama seems to think Minaj’s treatment is simply karma, not all her commenters agreed.

“@ladyrenee2112 sisNickii pays respect or has in the past to all the ppl you just name in the past and present so please do your research,” someone said in response to a user who agreed with Lil Mama.

“I love u since lip gloss but u dead wrong u know @iamcardib is trash… shouting her out wasn’t going to get u deals or promotions… u need to congratulate @nickiminaj for being a real today while u crying today… u know u better at acting boo get in where u fit in @trini.aquarius that’s facts.”

“You a damn hypocrite, [I] swear. Kim came out talkin’ she was the best. Remy as well. Trina always said she was the baddest, and Missy has tooted her own horn a few times too,” another wrote.

“Cardi can say ‘Tell these old b—-es that they in danger’ and no one says anything. But with Nicki it’s such an issue. Stop the hate. She put in her work despite not getting the warm welcome from her fellow femcees like Cardi did even though she’s undeniably more talented. It’s bulls—. You need to focus on your own career or lack thereof because you are in no position to bust shots. You just mad [because] you flopped outta the game.”

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