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Nicki Minaj’s Lil Kim Diss Track ‘Stupid Hoe’ Slammed By Critics

UPDATE-Like it or not Nicki Minaj has some things to get off her chest. The ‘Super Bass’ singer who grabbed Entertainment Weekly’s Best Song of 2011 released a second track, ‘Stupid Hoe’ off her yet released sophomore album, ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’.

The entire album is inspired by one of Nicki’s most outspoken alter ego, Roman Zolanski. In the fast paced track it appears that Zolanski is team Angie with a line that quickly references Brad Pitt’s divorce from Jennifer Aniston to start a new life with Angelina Jolie. But before long it’s revealed to be a Lil Kim diss record. The two barbies have gone back and fourth for nearly a year. The lyrics include:

“Bitch talkin’ she the queen when she looking like lab rat”. “I’m Angelina [Jolie], you Jennifer [Aniston], come on b***h, you see where Brad [Pitt] at. Stupid hoe is my enemy/ Stupid hoe is so wack/ Stupid hoe shoulda befriended me/Then she coulda prolly came back.”

But for an artist who arrived on the scene just last year,   won numerous accolades, a platinum selling debut album, scheduled to perform at the Superbowl as she confirm in the lyrics – why bother clap back at Lil Kim? “Put ya cape on, you a super-hoe/ 2012, I’m at the Super Bowl.” Critics are comparing both ‘Roman is Moscow‘ and ‘Stupid Hoe’ to mix tape quality tracks, lyrically weak and beneath Nicki Minaj.

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is scheduled for a February 14, 2012 release. With records like the aforementioned Nicki repeating her success of Pink Friday is definitely in question. What do you think? How does this compare to Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass?

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0 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj’s Lil Kim Diss Track ‘Stupid Hoe’ Slammed By Critics

  1. khoryz says:

    Nicki Minaj… the girl sucks. She’s only hot for SuperBass, and she didnt even write it. And these two recent tracks are the same as every other track she’s ever put out: Garbage.

  2. MrSoulshock44 says:

    she needs to grab a seat ASAP she’s a pop clown, she can’t mess with kim. obsession is a disease…

  3. Malibu Barbie says:

    Lil’ Kim is who nicki minaj has used has a platform since the BEGINNING of her career … after all the bullshit Lil’ Kim has put up with form birdamn and nicki’s camp.. Kim finally responded with BLACK FRIDAY and spoke about it interviews.
    Kim’s style was STOLEN
    Kim got NO RESPECT for it.
    Kim is getting DRAGGED by the media because they think she’s just an old rapper who wants fresh fame again.
    Nicki runs her mouth TOO much in her music .and plays VICTIM when confronted. she comes for LIL’ KIM has if KIM did her wrong ?? Nicki should be THANKING Kim. if it werent for LIL’ KIM this bitch will still be a NOBODY in QUEENS,NY.

  4. Josu says:

    Like it! Nicki is the best! No more words!

  5. truthteller says:

    ummm duh…. it should be SLAMMED!… nicki minaj isnt lyrical… and love it or hate it.. lil kim rose to fame by being outrageously sexual and hood at the same time… she had the likes of hollywood by being HERSELF!!!!! she didnt have to go POP to do that…. nicki minaj cant re-vert back to her hood days.. .her mixtape days….because the WHITE media will frown at her.. so she thought by coming up with these lil kid alter egos like roman she could get away with her hood WACK rhymes.. it isnt going to fly.. then she is DISSING other celebrites in the process. first Cher and now Jennifer Anniston. smdh

  6. Laso says:

    TEAM Lil Kim QB nuff said!

  7. Chris says:

    She never dissed Cher if you listened to did it on’em, “if you could turn back time Cher, you used to be here now you’re gone nair.” that isn’t a diss to Cher, she was referencing a song by cher.

  8. Ray says:

    She did write superbass
    She writes all her raps
    Do your homework lab rat

  9. truthteller says:

    re-read that line to your self… she was associating cher with being OLD all while dissing somebody eles ( lil kim) as being older. basically saying you use to be hot now you are gone….come on now……and btw.. nicki is 29 years old.. kim is 36 not to much of a age difference.

  10. monique says:

    cant deny she did diss jennifer anniston that was pretty messed up.

  11. Leek says:

    Is this a joke ? i hope she seriously stopped to believe that she’s still in the rap game … Lil’kim must be lauging so hard on this wack’pop’shitty “song” .Everyone thinks that this song was refering to her lol damn wack .

  12. Terall says:

    she didnt diss Jennifer..she used the whol jen brad and angie thing as an example of kim not having as much as Nicki has now. I will say that she shouldve used a different example then that to make references, it is a touchy subject in the media.

  13. Terall says:

    she isnt obsessed? wtf so what she threw a couple of shots. If obsession is the case then theyre both obsessed with each other! Kim talks shit makes youtube videos with other nicki haters, writes diss after diss after diss after diss, and doesnt even release an actual album. Instead a mixtape of her ranting about miss nicki. Theres maybe 3 songs in that mixtape that are decent the rest just disses. Now alll in a sudden she wants to release an EP. ? Lets look at reality, Nicki is mainstream, Kim fell off years ago.

  14. Terall says:

    I will admit this couldve been better! but it was the most direct nicki has been, so i only commend her for it. And i dont see what the whole problem is being pop and hip hop at this same time? that shit is smart! You make raps get cred in the game, then make songs and chart on billboard rackin in the awards! Nicki knows what she doin, thats why her name is global and underground cuz thats how she started. Yall can bash her as much as you want but nicki had 3 mixtapes and made a million off them. She got featured in XXL Signed to YMCM made a platinum selling album and now at 29 starts her sophomore album, releases her anger on the hag thats crossin her. Face it Nicki could kill kim with her old shit too.

  15. ME! says:

    what a stupid as way 2 stard up an article
    lil kim is hip hop roalty!!!
    she is from the golden age of hip hop

    nicki is a lil kim wannabe, she will never have the street power lil kim has
    thats why she immitates her all the way around
    mixtapes included!!!!

    she is an arrogant woman near 30 who carries her self as a bi sexual who thinks she a barbie
    lil kim always pretended to be the black barbie and got called that as well back in the 90s
    nicki did not do any thing positive shes just pure comercial , living on planet comercial all day long
    hey thats her life , thats what she wants, fine with me but get your own iD!

    it realey bugs me that som one so good and has that status like lil kimhas, is in this situation of getting snubbed by a cocky artist like nicki minaj

    and all thes idiotic people fewling this shit
    let me ask you something… what about fucking unite theese 2 huh?

    yall making stupid ass facebook acounts like nickis better than kim or whos bether? nicki vs kim
    there is no effeng comparising to make!”!!

    kim made that game, kim, da brat, eve, lady of radge, tlc, missy ellioth, queen latifa, …nobody can touch them!

    minaj showd dissrespect to all of theese woman in hip hop, she is an pop artist and so just let it be stop picking this childish fight

    lil kim kame hard on nicki with her track, what da fuck is this stupid hoe track? its compleete shit
    compleety… like she sound like a total idiot and made an ass hole out of her self, the instrumental is catchy but messy at some point

    still got my naked truth album, and still pumb it today
    nicki should worry on her career and how to be immortalized as hip hop roalty like lil kim already is and been there and done that
    end of the fucking story

  16. Karly says:

    Nicki ddint diss Cher in the actual song, but she DID diss Cher on twitter. To tell a confused Cher ” Stop it 5″ is majorly disrespectful while her crazy abusive boyfriend goes in on her. then she continues to digitally roll her eyes at cher while talking about how annoyed she is with another person on twitter.

    Nicki is a NUT

  17. Makita says:

    Nicki Minaj is nothing more than a joke..she had potential but she done fucked that up with them wack egos and shit why not come out as Nicki Minaj from the Queens and keep ur same flow..she sold out and didn’t give Kim the proper props I mean Nicki didn’t come off as being hood or hard even from her mixtapes so nobody would have said she was soft if she would have just gave that woman her props! Nickis Gimick is old and tiring now its time for her to hang it up or just continue to do features that’s when she really comes with the fire!! Till then bye nicki and your career!

  18. sun says:

    I like nicki but this is a stupid song. Lil Kim is old news. Who cares about her. At least nicki did surgery and looks good. Lik Kim did surgery and she looks f stupid and ugly. lil Kim is just jealous. nicki didn’t have to give kim any props if she was really up there in the game, oh she not up there anymore. It’s time for a fresh new scene. lil Kim go get a real job, ur old and washed up. nicki this song is not good at all. I am not hating on nicki, this song is just stupid.

  19. QueenSize says:

    Nicki you blew it with me. You obviously have idea what you’re doing with your career. This shit was worse than Massive attack. That cage dancing was the same shit you did in the jungle scene. Lil’ Kim must of really hurt your feelings something awful. As popular as you are and as much as you have achieved you chose this track as your comeback? You paid Hype Williams all that money to make a video about Lil’ Kim. At least her diss was a mixtape bullshittin. Bitch please! This shit was ignorant at best. like Massive Attack I bet this won’t be making the new album. Oh by the by….you put Jennifer Aniston name in your mouth which means you get no movies with her or Brad or Angelina dumbass. Did you know that Jennifer is BFF to Chelsey Lately? that bitch will eat you alive in her comedy acts. You fucked up.

  20. shanique says:

    You sound crazy!! Nicki can’t touch Kim lyrically stop the denial Kim has that platium grammar that’s why she’s the Queen. Like how old are you realy you must have been born after 1996 lmaoo.

  21. shanique says:

    Yo why you riding so hard for a fraud. The song and the video wack the dislikes,bad critics,and the album being pushed back proves it.

  22. hausnigga homer says:

    Stupid song fo a stupid hausnigga. Really.

  23. dignity says:

    knucklehead Nucki Messnaj must be suffering from silicon leaks to her brain. Her scatological miss-use and disrespect to others in her usage of the english language is an insult to all women of self respect, the youth, children and all black female Americans. I’ve heard people are petitioning to have her banned from performing at the 2012 grammys and the superbowl 2012. She is acting out disgracefully in her tirad. I hope people boycott her music and sign the petition to have her banned.

  24. roman zolanski says:

    Y’all nicki-haters can roll your eyes, spit all u can. Nicki Minaj is the real deal. Face it…….Lil kim is “gone”. N i dont C Nikky playn victim each tym she’s confronted on her beef wit Lil kim, it jst d truth. N all dis talk about Nikky dissing Cher n Jennifer……aint tru atall.

  25. evey says:

    There’s no denying nicki is talented or she wouldn’t be this popular and yes the jen anniston thing was direct to jenn but that’s someones life nicki is dissing everyone knows how distraught jenn was and to write a lyric like that is so disrespectful and hurtful, everyone knows jenn is a peaceful woman who has never slated anyone. Just think carefully with your lyrics nicki, you’re sparking wars with too many celebs who could help your career. Stupid hoe, was a stupid idea. There’s too much love for jenn for you to be saying shit like that.

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