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Gary Owen Responds to Accusations of Being a ‘Culture Vulture’

Gary Owen’s track record as the token white guy may have hit a snag due to accusations of being a culture vulture, but the “Comic View” alum isn’t sweating it.

Owen, who has appeared in Black-led films like “Think Like A Man” and “Meet the Blacks,” was recently scrutinized as an appropriator of Black culture when he went after Mo’Nique for her issues with Netflix.

“Speaking of useless white boys with cookout invites…. why is Gary Owen culture vulture ass tryna drag @moworldwide??” someone tweeted in February. “Who allowed these individuals the GALL?”

Another said, “If you ride for that culture vulture Gary Owen over Mo’Nique GFYS, unfriend me. 🖕🏿 — feeling utter disgust.”

But if you think Owen is bothered by that, think again because he knows those folks won’t even buy tickets to see his show.

“To me, I’m not biting Black culture, biting Black entertainment. I’m appreciating it, I’m acknowledging it and I want to be a part of it,” he explains on Vlad TV Tuesday, April 10. “Black people embraced me. … I’m not gonna leave that just because I’m bigger now. So, what are you saying a culture vulture? I appreciate Black culture.”

Still, commenters defended their stance on Owens, with one explaining why he’s deemed a guy who robs Black people of their culture.

“We call you a culture vulture because you sometimes profit from the negative aspect of Black culture and near enough promote it to the downfall of our community,” someone said. “Not what all you do is bad but certain aspects of what you do are destructive.”

“This Gary Owen thinks cos he’s got a Black wife he gets a pass.. nah bruh! I see you clearly,” someone else commented.

While some denied Owen’s culture vulture status, they also criticized him for getting his wife to call fellow comic Michael Blackson the n-word during their month-long feud.

“Culture Vulture would be someone like Kid Rock, Miley Cyrus, Vanilla Ice and Justin Bieber,” someone said. “On another note, Gary’s response to Michael Blackson was unfunny and in poor taste.”

“Gary Owen’s BBQ pass has been revoked for sending that bed wench after Michael Blackston,” a commenter wrote.

“I don’t appreciate that bulls—- roast Gary and his wife did against Michael Blackson,” someone else said.

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