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Bow Wow Felt He’s Accomplished Everything He Could, Suicide Was the Only Option

Bow Wow shocked social media last month when he tweeted, “Sometimes I REALLY wish I never existed…” Then, on April 1, he tweeted the word “suicide” spelled backward. Immediately, fans swarmed his mentions with concern before he revealed it was simply the name of his upcoming album, “Edicius.”

Now that the dust has settled on the troubling post, Bow, whose real name is Shad Moss, explained what led to the tweet.

“That’s because it was how I was really feeling,” he says on “The Breakfast Club” Thursday, April 12 before Chalamagne asks if Moss “really wanted to kill” himself. “Yeah, there’s been times where, even before, where years ago where this came out people thought that I was suicidal or, I been saying, ‘I don’t want to be here.’ What people don’t understand is like, I done lapped the world eight times, and it’s like me coming into the game young and seeing so much and doing so much and sometimes I just question life like, ‘Damn, like, what else is there for me to do?'”

The rapper-actor, who burst onto the scene at age 13, admitted that there was nothing left that he wanted to do on his bucket list. While he acknowledged the importance of his daughter, he noted that money nor accomplishing new things had no appeal to him.

“What happens is, you feel like you’re doing the same thing,” explains the MC who has opened up about being suicidal in the past. “It’s like a big circle, right. It’s like, when I went to Australia the first time, I was like, ‘Damn, this s—s crazy.’ Year two comes around, you back in Australia … I’m just running this big circle of life … like, what’s new? So for me, that’s why I’m always dippin’ in different avenues of the game … If not, you keep doing the same s— over and over, you gon’ get bored.”

While Moss has been the laughing stock of Twitter in the last year because of a claim that he’s mixed and the #BowWowChallenge, the rapper has support from his long-time fans.

“Leave that man alone!” one commented. “If he decides to commit suicide then everyone will feel different. He doesn’t have nothing [sic] to prove to anyone. He has done more in his life than most of us. He has had a successful career. He should be proud of himself. I will always be a fan of Lil Bow Wow, the rapper and respect the actor, Shad Moss.”

“I don’t like how Charalmagne downplaying bow talking about killing [himself],” someone else said. “What sounds simple to one person can be mind blowing when it’s happening to them. We just hearing a glimpse of how he feel.”

“Mental health awareness is highly important and undervalued in our society and this interview provides an example of the many people [who] need help,” another wrote. “I’m praying for Shad and that he seeks counseling, God and surrounds himself around those who love him. 🙏🏾🙌🏾”

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