Bow Wow Names New Album ‘Edicius,’ Suicide Spelled Backward

Rapper Shad Moss (aka Bow Wow) released the name of his upcoming album, “Edicius” and shared its meaning with fans on Monday, April 4.

The tweet read, “Decided to name my album “EDICIUS” its SUICIDE backwards… the meaning means … To bring yourself back from something.” He continued, “the name represents relentlessness, coming back for more even after death. Left the old me and woke up a NEW ME.”

The young rapper has triggered concerns about his mental health in recent weeks but the meaning behind the album may give his fans hope. Last week Bow Wow posted a cryptic message on Instagram that caused many to believe he was suicidal. “Sometimes I REALLY wish I were existed..”

In a 2016 interview, Bow Wow confirmed in an interview with Vlad TV that he did suffer from depression and thoughts of suicide, “I was in a dark space. Right around the third album, that’s when I was just done.” From the sounds of things, the Atlanta-bred rapper is ready for brighter days.

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