Eve Reveals the Time Janet Jackson Saved Her Life

During a recent discussion on “The Talk,” Rapper Eve shared how Janet Jackson saved her from a scary night in Hollywood.

Eve said years ago she believed she was drugged at an award show afterparty. “I started walking around, putting my drink down, talking to people, picking my drink up,” she said. “An hour after the last time I picked my drink up, I started feeling crazy and not drunk and I knew immediately something was different and it was weird because I was there, but I wasn’t there,” she explained.

The female MC then explained how she tried to get her friends help. “Whoever I was with, I tapped them on the shoulder and said, ‘something is wrong’, and they were like, ‘No you’re just drunk’, and I started hysterically crying.” She then said when her friends took her to a more private room, she heard a voice. “I hear this really soft voice that’s like, ‘it’s ok, I’ll take care of it’.” She continued, ” I’m, like, snot crying, and I turn around and its Janet Jackson.” “I was so embarrassed and I was like, ‘I didn’t want to meet you like this,” she said.

Then Sheryl Underwood playfully recommended Eve bring her own drink to the next celebrity get together.

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