Daniel Kaluuya Explains Why He Feels ‘Racism In America is More Pronounced’ Than In Britain


While there were some initial concerns over Daniel Kaluuya’s ability to portray an American Black man in the acclaimed racial satirical thriller “Get Out,” the star seems to have a pretty good grasp on racism in America compared to his navie Great Britain.

“I feel like racism’s more pronounced in America,” says the Oscar-nominated actor to W Magazine. “The disease is still there. It’s the same disease, but it just manifests in a different way. British culture is much more reserved, so it’s more systematic. I think in America, you have the systematic and then you have the overt.”

Kaluuya explained that race relations are a pillar of American history compared to the U.K. where many Black people arrived from Africa and the Carribean, which includes countries that were colonized by the British.

“It’s why a lot of Black Brtish artists are in America,” the son of Ugandan immigrants explains. “It’s not seen in England but it’s felt and it’s oppressive and it stops you from becoming your best you at times.”

Still, that doesn’t mean the “Black Panther” star thinks one country’s racism is better than the other.

“I think racism just suck across the board,” he says. “No matter how it comes out it’s kind of f—— s—.”

In response, several Twitter users began discussing the concepts Kaluuya outlined in the clip.

“He pointed out something very important as well, most Black people from Great Britain were colonized,” one person said. “They know their ancestral home. Most Black people in America do not, and the struggle is understanding that we were never colonized, we were stripped of our ancestral knowledge.”

“Historically your statement is kind of false. He said nothing abt Blk Americans NOT being colonized,” someone said in disagreement. “He simply said that Blk Brits come from colonized countries. Black Americans were colonized, hence America gaining its independence. Black Americans like Afro Caribbeans & Afro South Americans were also stripped of their ancestral identity as well. You do realize that Black ppl in the Caribbean, South & Central America also descend from enslaved Africans as well right?”

“Britain did far more terrible s— than the U.S.,” another wrote. “I know the Brit’s refuse to accept it but facts are facts lol way more evils came from the U.K. ‘royalty.'”

“Considering slavery in U.S. was originally funded by Britain in colonial America, is it valid to claim the U.S. (as it’s own independent entity) is responsible for its history regarding slavery and Britain can wipe its hands clean? I’d say this argument is slightly flawed,” tweeted another.

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