‘I Was So Salty’: Rapper Kid Cudi Claims He Boycotted ‘Get Out’ for a Year After Daniel Kaluuya Was Chosen as Lead Over Him

“Day ‘n’ Nite” rapper Kid Cudi admits he was “salty” that he was passed over to play the lead role in Jordan Peele’s 2017 film “Get Out.”

Rapper Kid Cudi says he was "salty" Daniel Kaluuya was given the lead role in Jordan Peele's movie "Get Out" over him.
Rapper Kid Cudi (left) says he was “salty” at losing the lead role to Daniel Kaluuya (right) in Jordan Peele’s movie “Get Out.” (Photos: @kidcudi/Instagram; @getoutmovie/Instagram)

The psychological horror film starring British actor Daniel Kaluuya follows a photographer named Christopher Washington who takes a trip to meet the family of his white girlfriend, played by actress Allison Williams. The Oscar-winning movie won Best Original Screenplay and helped Kaluuya win his first Oscar for Best Actor.

As a result of losing out on the role, Kid Cudi revealed that he didn’t watch the film for a year after its release because he was “so salty.”

“I wish I got Get Out,” the “Pursuit Of Happiness” artist tweeted in response to an X user during a #AskScott Q&A.

“I auditioned and Jordan was impressed and I thought I ate that sh-t up. I was so salty i didnt get it that I didnt even go see it in the theater when it was poppin. I watched it a year later at home pissed about that. I was sick haha.”

Kid Cudi added, “Daniel was the best choice hes a master and did a phenominal job.”

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X users were shocked by Kid Cudi’s revelation. Though most felt he would have been “really fitting” for the role, many still saluted Kaluuya’s performance in Peele’s directorial debut.

“That actually would’ve been really fitting wtf.”

“My all time favorite ‘horror’ flick. I would’ve loved it even more if you were in it, but Daniel did a phenomenal job.”

“@KiDCuDi I hope he casts you in something in the future… maybe a collab between the two of you? What a crazy thing to think of.. I think it’d be a perfect match.”

“I loved Get Out. seen 3 times. I loved the actor. I didn’t know you auditioned for the part. I would have watched it dozens of times. The story is original and crazy.”

“Omfg we coulda got Cudi in that role. Nah man you got way more range than Daniel. I can’t believe Jordan robbed us of that.”

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A few felt Kid Cudi would have been a better fit than Kaluuya due to his previous role in his short film “MANIAC.”

But other “Get Out” fans suggested he should have gone for another leading role in the film as LaKeith Stansfield’s character, Andre Logan King.

Two others said, “Like when you did that ‘Maniac’ film with Cage. You def fit within darker roles @KiDCuDi salute” and “Damn but I could totally see you as Lakeith’s character.”

On Halloween day in 2011, Kid Cudi starred alongside fellow lyricist Chris “Cage” Palko in a 10-minute short film directed by Shia LeBouf. Similar to “Get Out,” it features intense and dark imagery, nonstop violence, suspenseful murder scenes, and senseless killings of men and women.

Inspired by the “Maniac” track on Cudi’s sophomore album, “Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager,” it reimagines him and Cage as two twisted French-speaking killers on a mission to murder eight people each.

However, in “Get Out” the deaths were all Black men who had previously visited Washington’s girlfriend’s family at their home and never returned home.

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