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Keyshia Cole Blasts Mothers Who Leave Children with ‘Boyfriends You Barely Know’


Keyshia Cole has had it with parents letting their daughters be taken care of by every member of the family aside from themselves.

The singer posted a meme on Instagram Thursday, April 5 which pleaded with mothers not to let daughters stay in the care of  “boyfriends you barely know” and avoid handing them over to the likes of uncles, aunts and cousins because of free daycare.

“Child molestation, rape, kidnapping, abuse etc is real,” it said. “That’s a wound that’ll never heal!”

Cole, whose own childhood was clouded by her mother’s drug abuse and a father who wasn’t in the picture, fiercely agreed with the sentiments in the meme.

“I feel ALL of THIS 100 percent !!!!!! Babies DID NOT ASK To BE HERE!!!!” she wrote. “If you can Not PROTECT and PROVIDE, And I kno, YOU (Don’t have to be RICH, to do so)ALL IM SAYING, Is u gotta try to be mentally prepared to take some sacrifices when it comes to YOUR CHILD!!!!!! If NOT, PLEASE PLEASE!!! Take precautionary steps with birth control, before you Ruin a life, u can’t be there for!! SO SICK OF THESE CHILDREN DYING!!!!”

Cole further reflected on how thankful she is for her adoptive family but noted her upbringing could have had a different outcome. Still, she says she was exposed to things that she should not have seen.

“Parents BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILDREN! 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁,” she concluded.

In response, fans gave their take on Cole’s stance.

“PREACH, SISTER!!!!” a responder wrote.

“Truth!! Watch ppl at church, daycare, in-laws, fam etc.” another advised.

“This post is true and needed to be said!” someone posted. “Unfortunately, a lot of mothers do this and never notice that something is different with their children. It’s so sad.”

“Truth,” said another. “I can relate.”

A separate user simply showed their agreeance with emojis, posting “😩👏🏾👏🏾.”


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