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The Health Scare That Sent RHOA Cynthia Bailey to Hospital

Model turned reality star Cynthia Bailey recently experienced a big health scare. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star underwent surgery to remove a lymphoma tumor.

Bailey said she spotted an abnormal growth on her back and initially thought nothing of it. “I noticed a slightly raised lump on my back near my left shoulder blade about two months ago. At first, I thought I had been bitten by something, or it was just back fat,” she told People.

After further examination, the reality star got scared. “A couple of weeks later, I noticed that it was still there and seemed to be growing. I Googled it immediately and was blown away by the photos of the worst cases in particular. I was scared because as soon as I heard the word tumor, I immediately thought cancer,” she said.

She set up an appointment to visit her doctor and found the lump to be benign and not cancerous.  “Early morning doctor appointment today. Had a little health scare. Thankfully I’m okay,” she posted on Instagram.

Bailey tweeted, “Grateful surgery went well this morning & was so happy my mom was there with me. Came home to this beautiful balloon from @ohlalacompany_. Thank you for thinking of me. I’m feeling good
#healthiswealth #speedyrecovery.”



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