Missy Elliot Wondered If Artists Trusted Her to Direct Them In Music Videos and Then This Happened

Missy Elliot is the queen of collaborations. From her work writing songs for the likes of Monica, Aaliyah and Ciara to her features, there’s nothing the rapper can’t do. But in what may be a surprise, the performer expressed some doubt that any big names would want her to direct them in a music video.

“Just like artists trusted me to write songs for them I wonder what artist would take a chance on me directing a video for them🤔” she tweeted Monday, April 2.

Missy didn’t have to wonder for long. Soon, Janelle Monáe, who collaborated with Missy on the Michelle Obama-commissioned song, “This Is For My Girls,” said she’d be on board. Naturally, Missy couldn’t contain her excitement.

“I’m already on set, hair and makeup done, 2 hrs early,” Monáe tweeted back. “You are THE MASTER TEACHER of visuals. This would be a DReAM. I f—ing love you QUEEN! Let’s go!!!”

But it wasn’t in the cards for this to be just a team up between Missy and Monáe. Next, “Thor: Ragnarok” star Tessa Thompson — who also starred in Monáe’s visual for “Make Me Feel” — wanted in.

While Thompson seemed OK with simply being included in the project as a caterer, Monáe set her sights higher.

“You and I both just got out of hair and makeup,” the singer tweeted. “We on set now ready to shoot! 🤩🤩👯‍♀️💋💋.”

Then, Broadway star Cynthia Erivo shot her shot and got the go-ahead from Thompson.

Separately, Fifth Harmony alum Normani Kordei wanted to join in too. And Missy let her know it was already set for them to collab musically.

The dream collaboration launched between Monáe and Missy, much like the one between Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna last year that’s now being developed for Netflix, had Twitter users a fluter.

“GIVE US THAT VIDEO” someone exclaimed.

“Y’all doing the absolute MOST right now,” another wrote. “I LOVE it.”

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