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Tamar Braxton Says She Dressed to Please Vince, Who Preferred ‘Blonde, Light Faired Women’

Tamar Braxton doesn’t plan on doing any promo for the new season of “The Braxton Family Values.” She did, however, make an appearance on the “Steve Harvey Show” to dish out some advice.

Steve introduced the panel segment with a story about celebrity chef Gordan Ramsey who revealed last month he lost 50lbs to save his marriage. Steve asked the panel of women, Tamar Braxton, Keri Hilson and Kim Caldwell if any of them have changed themselves (their appearance) for a man. Tamar responded, “Absolutely, I believe in being attractive for your mate.” She continued, “I use to have all blonde wigs.” She jokingly said she had a lot of them and plans to sell it for a cause, “I won’t be needing it.” Then she said, “Vince liked blonde head, light faired women. I just wasn’t born with no blonde hair.” She continued, “that’s the responsibility women have, is to stay current for your man.”

While many fans agreed, others did not.

“Stay current for YOU! If that man wants to leave he will, no matter how skinny you are!”

“Tamar has a point! Hell she has several point’s.”

“I disagree with what steve said in the end, i don’t want a man that is that freaking shallow….”

“You can make changes to please your man and he’ll still bounce. The world we live in”

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