SZA Considers Retiring After Next Album

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Singer phenomena SZA has fans in a frenzy after speculation she’s retiring from music after her next album.

SZA has had rapid success after she released her last album “CTRL.” In an interview with Flaunt, the singer spoke about how she felt about her success. Although “CRTL” gave her 5 Grammy nominations, she’s “still miserable.” She said, “My world got so much smaller so fast. I have so much to write about. I feel like I’m in a cage.” She continued, “I’m making the best album of my life for this next album and I know that… because it’s going to be my last album.”

According to Flaunt, the “The Weekend” singer spoke about early retirement smiling.  This isn’t the first time she has teased her fans with the idea of quitting.

In a now-deleted tweet back in 2016, SZA told fans “I actually quit.” Last July, she told Glamour, “short attention span, and I don’t like to do things when they aren’t fun or I can’t grow anymore. This is a space where I feel like I’m growing and having a good time. I’m learning a lot, but sometimes it gets to be a lot and I feel like I can’t grow in this space. Like, I have to do something different to grow.”

The singer’s last album received Grammy nominations for the best new artist, best R&B song, best urban contemporary album, best rap/sung performance, and best R&B performance but she went home with none. She isn’t discouraged though she told Flaunt, “God didn’t give me the Grammys, because he knows I would have quit, like ‘I have nothing else to do.”

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