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Fans Rally Around Pregnant Tia Mowry After Internet Bully Makes Ruthless Comment

tia mowry pregnant

Tia Mowry announced she’s expecting a new baby in November. (Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Tia Mowry is expecting her second child with husband Cory Hardrict, a girl, any day now and while she’s been glowing, many have been fat-shaming her.

The “Tia Mowry At Home” star is in her third trimester and recent photos of her out and about have led to some harsh criticism about her weight.

“She ate the other twin?” one Twitter user apparently joked.

Another comment was even worse.

“It’s the fact she is already bad built by itself so the pregnancy makes her look like humpty-dumpty or a bag of mayonnaise,” someone tweeted. “It’s not that it’s her being pregnant in general. Christ people…🙄.”

Still, Mowry had some defenders.

“Imagine being so unfunny you make fun of regular things lmao wtf is your problem?” someone said. “Did your mom look stick skinny being pregnant with you?”

“So we are now making fun of pregnant women for being pregnant?” another person asked.

Mowry, who announced her second pregnancy in November, has been open about her fertility struggles in her quest to give son Cree, 6, a younger sibling.

“I didn’t think I’d be able to have a second child, and it’s been over seven years since my first pregnancy,” Mowry told People magazine in January. “I put it off, but I did want to have another child.  I didn’t let my infertility issues define me or define what my goals were and what I wanted out of life. We did try for a long time. It was hard. But I didn’t give up.”

She’s also faced body shamers in the past and when one Instagram commenter mentioned she was “getting fat” in 2016, she posted a lengthy reply letting them know what was what.

“I don’t normally do this, but I wanted to prove a point. I just posted a few days ago about embracing and uplifting others about body image,” she wrote. “Here, @miekk_ felt the need to say I was getting fat. I took a look at your profile and I was sad to see that you WORK for YOUNG African-American girls aiding in their studies. I hope this isn’t what you would tell your girls? … Internet BULLYING is not cool and it needs to stop.”


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