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Ray J’s Wife Princess Love Puts Brandy on Blast After the Singer Tried to Squash Rumors of Ongoing Beef

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Ray J’s wife Princess Love, right, wasn’t buying Brandy’s, left, the excuse about missing her baby shower. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Brandy’s attempt to explain away why she and her mom missed Ray J’s and wife baby shower didn’t work for Princess Love and she hung the singer out to dry on Instagram.

Brandy and her mom, Sonja Norwood, skipped the Saturday, March 17 gathering after attending a gender reveal party that Friday, according to TMZ. The reason? Brandy and Norwood took issue with some tweets Princess posted that they thought was a dig at Ray J.

“If you’re going to stay with a man, do it because that’s what you truly want,” Love tweeted in January before deleting the post. “Never stay because of children. When they grow up, then what???”

Two months later, Brandy and Norwood apparently have not buried the hatched with Love and TMZ sources say they demanded she apologizes to Ray J, which resulted in a blow-up. Love told her husband’s sister and mom to mind their own business and claimed they couldn’t give their two cents on the relationship when their own had fallen apart.

So Brandy and Norwood were a no-show at the gathering and the “Right Here (Departed)” singer explained why on a now-deleted Instagram.

“Congrats to my brother and sister on their baby and baby shower,” she wrote. “I’m very excited to be an auntie. So sorry I missed this moment with the both of you. I had a show in Hampton, Va., on the same day but I’m so glad I was able to push my flight back for the gender reveal the day before. There’s nothing here but love and no matter what anyone says we are family and we will always be.”

And while Norwood backed up the explanation on her own IG page, Love wasn’t feeling it and shot back in the comments, “STFU posting this. I should post what you just [texted] me.”

She has yet to post the text message.

princess love brandy

Naturally, Twitter users responded with their thoughts.

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