Chrissy Teigen Fires Back After Being Shamed for Not Taking John Legend’s Last Name

Teigen Legend Last Name


To take his last name or to not take his last name.

That’s the question many couples have talked about, as well as argued about, before jumping the broom. It’s also a topic that landed on Chrissy Teigen‘s Twitter page on Thursday (March 22), who of course is married to the singer John Legend.

The conversation started when one lady seemed to have a problem with women keeping their last name after marriage.

“I’d really like to hear the reasoning behind women who won’t take their husband’s last name,” wrote someone name Maami.

“My husband didn’t even take his last name,” Teigen replied.

For those who didn’t know, Legend’s real last name is Stephens, and he was given his stage name by the poet J. Ivy, who thought he sounded like one of the old-school legendary greats. It’s a story that the singer has told many times before.

After Teigen’s tweet, some guy named Chad stepped into the debate, but the supermodel quickly shut him down.

“Why is your example relevant to people who live in the real world?” the guy wrote.

“Because it doesn’t have to be, Chad,” Teigen struck back. “I can say whatever the f— I want without Chad’s permission, Chad.”

The debate didn’t end there, however, and others chimed in with their passionate views. There were some men who said they didn’t care if their wife took their last name or not,  they were just happy she said yes to their proposal.

But there were some women who said they were fine with changing their name and didn’t see it as a big deal at all.

“Why do you keep asking this stupid question?” one woman wrote. “The kids take their daddy’s name, like I took my daddy’s name.”

“My daughter is getting daddy’s name, not mommy’s,” another woman tweeted. “I’m okay with that. Last names just don’t matter.”

Another point was made by a female author and her question was: If she built a successful career under her last name, why should she attach those accomplishments to her husband’s name after marriage?


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