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Television Host and Reality Star Miss Quad Shuts Down Naysayers Attacking Her for Not Wanting a Baby

The “Sister Circle host and “Married to Medicine” reality star Quad Webb-Lunceford, responded to critics bombarding her for not wanting to have a baby with her husband.

On Thursday’s segment of “Full Circle”, the ladies of “Sister Circle” discussed the controversial question “Do kids complete marriage?” Quad not only shared her views, but she also addressed social media users posting negative comments on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“I’ve always wanted to have children and I still do want to have children,” the host said passionately.” However, I am unselfish enough to know that right now my marriage and the state of my marriage are not conducive for a positive environment for a child.”

She explains that it’s her responsibility to make sure her child’s well being is taken care of and conveys “this is not the time.”

“If my marriage does not come to a point of seeing eye to eye and–love is not manifesting itself, it’s not going to happen,” the reality star said.

Quad paused for a minute and abruptly began to shut naysayers down, “So Twitter sit down, Instagram please shut-up… This is my life and I’m going to do what’s right for my child to come.”

During season 5, Quad and her husband Dr. Lunceford have been going through marital distress including him pressuring her to have a baby.

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