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DJ Envy Checks Guests About This Comment and Walks Out of Breakfast Club Interview

An interview with comedy duo Desus and Mero went left on Thursday after DJ Envy demanded the two apologize to his wife.

“The Breakfast Club” host proclaimed it was “disrespectful” when Desus said that his wife “knew them DJ Envy checks” in response to her being unfamiliar with her husband’s cheating ways. He made the comments on their Viceland show in February.

“You can talk about me all day, you can make jokes with me but when it comes to my wife and my family, it’s a little disrespectful. And you should know that. ‘Cause you got kids and a wife.”

The duo apologized but Envy’s irateness grew and crosstalk continued.

“When my wife heard it, she thought it was disrespectful too,” Envy says. “Absolutely disrespectful.”

After more crosstalk, it seemed as if the three’s differences were settled. However, about two minutes later, DJ Envy got up and walked out of the studio.

While Charlamagne Tha God felt Envy overreacted, The Kid Mero had some sympathy.

“People find certain things disrespectful, it varies, it’s subjective,” he says.

“My thing is, he just pressed on air about it, we apologized, that should be over,” Desus adds.

Envy didn’t return for the rest of the interview.

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