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Interview Goes Downhill as ’Pretty’ Babysitter Confronts DC Radio Host For Not Hiring Her


When DMV area radio host Danni Starr publicly shared her desire not to hire a pretty nanny, her morning show co-hosts decided to bring the rejected hire on-air. Promptly, things went completely left before Starr returned on-air the following day.

Starr accused co-hosts QuickSilva and DJ 5’9 of ambushing her when they brought in the unnamed hopeful babysitter to discuss why Starr didn’t want her in her household around her children and her boyfriend.

“So here’s the thing, you are very beautiful — You don’t get to tell me what to do, the two of y’all can kiss my ass!” Starr hits back at her co-hosts when they interrupt.

“I’m not gonna make this about you, but what I do with my household … is nobody’s concern … Just to be clear, I never said it was you and I never responded to you,” Starr says. “Your ego made you think that you were the only pretty girl who slid in my DMs.”

The model accused Starr of having insecurities, stemming from the radio host’s open issues with cheating (her father slept with a babysitter and her ex-husband cheated with a stripper).

‘Y’all ain’t nothing and on my life this will be my last day working with y’all,” Starr threatened.

Several listeners tweeted their support for Starr following the blow-up.

“Danni, I hope you’re taking a moment to ‘woosah,’ someone tweeted. “So sorry the point you were trying to make the other day was missed. To be challenged on air about a tone you clearly weren’t implying the other day is unfair and hurtful. For your mental and your babies — push thru this pls! ❤”

“See, this would be different if this woman was applying for a position at an official company but she’s not,” someone else said. “She is applying to be in someone’s home and to take care of someone’s family. Picking a caretaker is a personal decision. You determine who is the best fit for your family.”

Quicksilva also shared a lengthy explanation of the events and an apology on Instagram, noting the show had been planned ahead of time.

But rather than bailing on the show, the host, who later went on Facebook Live to further explain her side of the story, returned to the airwaves Friday, March 9.

“It’s been such a cool and emotional thing to see so many people rally,” she says on-air a day after she posted her own Instagram post accepting Quicksilva’s apology. “The level of support shown on social media, the calls the emails … you all are so dope, I’m so grateful, I’m so thankful.”

She added that “the greatest lesson” she’s learned in life is to embrace the storms in order to see the light on the other end of the downfall.

“So while yesterday was a debacle … the moral of the story is this: the bounce-back game is strong. It’s always strong.”

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