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Iyanla Vanzant Accused of Being ‘Fake’ By Family She Allegedly “Fixed”


The family of Kamiyah Mobley, who was featured on the season premiere of “Iyanla Fix My Life,” is speaking out against the famed life coach.

Mobley made headlines when she was abducted from a Florida hospital as a newborn in 1998. After nearly a decade, she was found living in South Carolina under a different name. When she appeared on Vanzant’s OWN show seeking help to adjust to her new life, things took a turn.

The 19-year-old’s expletive-laden, near-violent outburst led Vanzant to stop the show. Yet as the program aired Saturday, March 3, her father said Vanzant was the one who went too far.

“Why don’t she let people know this s— fake, man”, dad Craig Aiken says in a Facebook Live video after he and another family member denied Vanzant’s claim they stole a rental truck. “I believe that TV s—, I believe that healing s— … But I got a question, y’all. All them stars be on there. Why the f— y’all didn’t warn me? Why y’all didn’t tell me that s— was fake?”

Vanzant, who has featured celebs like rapper DMX and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Shereé Whitfield on her program, has been accused of not actually helping anyone.

Whitfield had appeared on the show in hopes of getting help with proceeding in her divorce from ex-NFLer Bob Whitfield.

“I felt like I was being attacked. It was very hurtful … I didn’t feel like questions about whether or not my finances were up to par had anything to do with me as a parent or being a good person,” she said according to Madame Noire.

And in DMX’s case, efforts to mend his relationship with his son led to further strain.

“She need to put in fine print, ‘What y’all just seen ain’t all the way true. I lied about half of this s— just to get y’all here,'” Aiken says. “That’s what the f— should be at the bottom of [each episode].”

Aiken also said he refused to allow his daughter to stay overnight in a treatment facility.

“She was trying to make me mad with Kamiyah,” he added. “I was happy with her. I didn’t feel like she was going to fix my life because if my life gets fixed, we are going to do it together.”

For her part, Vanzant issues a series of tweets explaining why she told cameras “I’m out” and ended filming.

“Beloveds, I in no way felt disrespected and endangered — I knew it was in there. I knew she could feel it — It was my prayer and intention to process her through it,” the life coach said. “When, however, she began to threaten harm, I knew she had reached capacity and could not be contained.#FixMyLife

“You can always tell who somebody is when there back is against the wall. In a tight spot your behavior is a reflection of who you are,” Vanzant said in a follow-up tweet before noting Mobley wouldn’t have been in a treatment house alone.

Aiken, however, said in a separate Facebook post that the show was filmed in September and that Mobley has made progress since taping.

“With all the advertising that Iyanla is doing about the situation…whose life do you think she is ‘FIXING’…Hers or my daughter’s?” he said on Facebook per News4Jax.

We have not received a response from Iyanla about the accusations.

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