Compton Mayor Aja Brown Reportedly Wasn’t Thinking Of Running Against Stacey Dash Until This Happened

stacey dash aja brown

Aja Brown is set to announce she’s running against Stacey Dash for Congress on Thursday.(Robin L Marshall/Getty Images/Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Stacey Dash’s competition for California’s 44th district is shaping up as Compton Mayor Aja Brown will reportedly be running against her.

Sources told TMZ that Aja Brown, a Democrat, will announce she’s running for Congress in the district, which covers the city she presides over as well as Watts and North Long Beach among others. Apparently, Brown, who initially didn’t plan to run, was urged to do so by members of the California Congressional delegation.

Still, the mayor has some feelings about Republican Dash’s motivation to run. An insider claims Brown believes the “Clueless” actress is “running for notoriety” and noted the lack of links she has to the district. Dash is registered to vote in West Hollywood for starters.

Brown, meanwhile won her second term as mayor in 2017 after running on a platform focused on bringing Compton, Calif., new business.

Yet despite her ties to the city, Brown knows she’s not a front-runner for a seat in the House of Representatives. Despite her feeling that the district is mostly made up of Democrats, voter apathy means the Republican voters show up to polls more often.

As Twitter users await Brown’s official announcement, they’ve already begun sounding off.

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