D.L. Hughley on the Real Reason Stacey Dash Dropped Bid for Congress

Stacey Dash wasn’t even in the running to become a California congresswoman for a month before announcing she’d be dropping out of the race. And D.L. Hughley says her reason is disingenuine.

Dash released a statement Friday, March 30 saying she would no longer be pursuing a seat in California’s 44th district because of concerns for the health and safety of her family. She also cited a “system of plantation politics,” in her statement, claiming it “offers people on the lower end of the economic spectrum little more than symbolic gestures instead of true political empowerment and improvement.”

But according to Hughley, the “Clueless” star simply quit while she was ahead because she was out of her element. Plus, he claims, it was all just a publicity stunt to begin with.

“She has nothing in common with the people that she was supposed to be representing,” Hughley, a Los Angeles native, says on the Monday, April 2 broadcast of “The D.L. Hughley Show.” “I’d be hard-pressed to ever see her coming to that district — even before she was supposed to be running to represent it.”

“I think it was a publicity stunt,” he adds before saying the 44th district doesn’t need to be used as such.

“Stacey Dash dropped out of the race to become a [congresswoman] but Stacey Dash dropped out of her race a long time ago,” he says. “She dropped out of this race, in terms of the race of her people, a long time ago. So it’s nice while it lasted and she is as clueless as the movie.”

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