You Have to See These Hyper Realistic Paintings to Believe They’re Not Photographs

When comedian Donovan Goliath‏ shared life like paintings by Nigerian artist Oresegun Olumide, Twitter users could hardly believe they weren’t still photographs.

Olumide told CNN in 2016 that his oil paintings are “a gradual process” that take two to three weeks to complete.

“And depending on the intricacy I want to achieve, it can take a couple of months,” he said.

Oluminde, who takes inspiration from his community, also discussed his water use saying the translucent effect is “why it’s difficult for many people to do.”

His goal is to create artwork that not only challenges him but is also something his community has never seen.

And from the looks of the reactions on Twitter, many outside of his home have never seen art quite like his, either.

“You mean Nigerian photographer Oresegun Olumide?” one tweeted.

Another joked, “I don’t trust Nigerians, why does it look so real?”

“My brain 🧠 is struggling to comprehend what I’m seeing,” said someone else.

A different Twitter user remarked on the realistic appearance of the water, which Olumide told CNN was a recurring theme in his work because of the Yoruba adage “water has no enemy.”

“How does he get the water look like water, fall like water and reflect light like water?” she tweeted. “Wow!!! Double wow!!! Actually WOWZA.”

But it’s not just Olumide who is getting the shine. Other Nigerian-created hyper-realistic art has been shared, too.

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