#HurtBae Returns One Year Later Only To Get Hurt Again

A year after two exes sat down to face each other in a viral video, the pair has reunited to revisit the frenzy that erupted and changed their lives forever. Kourtney Jorge and her ex-boyfriend Leonard Long story went viral as Jorge confronted Long about his infidelity and he famously couldn’t recall the number of times he cheated on her.

“I was in love with you, I wanted to be with you, but that’s all in the past now,” Jorge says in the follow-up video published Thursday, Feb. 22 on the Iris YouTube channel.

“I hope I never see you again,” Long says.

Long, who said he received death threats in the wake of the initial clip, said he did it to allow Jorge to “move on” since she apparently wanted to get back together. Jorge, however, denied this and Long said they only did the video to gain “exposure as entertainers,” something his ex also slammed as untrue.

“It was obviously a set up for me because I was the one who would be painted as a cheater,” he said.

“I asked you to do it because we never talk about things,” she replies.

But when she says they needed to talk about “us being together,” Long drops a bomb that leads Jorge to storm off set

“We were never together.”

The two proceed to debate whether or not they were ever in a relationship and why Long didn’t say so in the last video. Long, who was in a relationship when the first segment was taped, said Jorge put her in a “f—ed up situations and then you played the victim every time.” He also said he told her he loved her but didn’t want to be in a relationship with her.

Today, Long and Jorge have found love again, as evidenced by their Valentine’s Day shoutouts on Instagram and the pair literally wiped their hands of one another at the conclusion of #HurtBae 2.

Several people sounded off on the outcome on Twitter.



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