Tiffany Haddish Brought to Tears Meeting Oprah for the First Time

Tiffany Haddish stopped by Ellen on Thursday, Feb. 22 for what she thought was going to be a regular interview but it turned out to be much more than she expected. Haddish got the surprise of her life after telling Ellen that her idol Oprah never responded to her letters.

The comedian speculated that maybe Oprah didn’t respond because,”it was ..a lot of misspellings. I wasn’t a good reader at that time so definitely not a good writer.” Ellen then asks, “Oprah why didn’t you write back?” Oprah enters the stage to meet an awestruck Haddish who immediately breaks into an ugly cry after giving Oprah multiple hugs.

The “Girls Trip” star took over Ellen’s show expressing her joy of meeting Oprah for the first time. Haddish said, “I woke up today and just knew today was going to be magical.”

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