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LeBron James Proves Being Rich Doesn’t Protect You from Racism

Cleveland Cavaliers guard LeBron James is well aware that his wealth and superstar status are no match for racism in America.

“I’m a Black man with a bunch of money, and having a crib in Brentwood and having the word n—– spray painted over my gate [last year], that lets you know I ain’t too far removed,” he said on Uninterrupted’s “Rolling with the Champion” web series Thursday, Feb. 15. “And I still got a lot more work to do. And no matter how far money or access or how you become in life as an African-American man, female, they will always try to figure out a way to let you know that you’re still beneath them.

“And it’s either one or two things at that point,” he continues as he rides alongside Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant and host Cari Champion. “You either cave into that notion or you just chalk it up and say, ‘You know what? I’ma paint over this goddam gate and I’ma make it taller.'”

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