Wendy Williams Calls Out Justin Timberlake’s Cultural Appropriation


As talk of Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl halftime show continues, Wendy Williams is over all the discussion.

The former boy bander, who has previously come under fire for cultural appropriation, belted out some of his biggest hits on Sunday, Feb. 4. One portion of the show included a duet with Prince, who was featured via projection. While controversy erupted when it was reported he was originally planning to use a hologram, Prince’s sister commended the final result.

Still, his performance was widely panned by critics, which has reportedly devastated JT.

Williams, however, said she simply doesn’t care.

“Because my thing, in conclusion, about appropriating other cultures, is that … when you’re white, and you try to appropriate Black culture, you can always go back to being white,” she says. “And this is what [my husband and I] tell our son constantly from the day he started making friends. You know, all that ‘Yo, yo, yo’ your white boyfriends do, they can be white and get their job on Wall Street tomorrow. And your Black ass will still be Black.”

“So sorry, Justin, that your career is in the toilet at this point,” she adds. “Sorry, Justin, that nobody liked your last album. Sorry, Justin, that you’re crying like a baby. And, sorry, Justin, that you have so much to say about this performance but nothing to say when you ripped Janet [Jackson’s] boob off.

“Go back to Henry and Emily,” she says, mentioning his white fanbase. “They will always love you.”

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