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‘The Talk’ Weighs In on Mathew Knowles Colorism Controversy: ‘Is It true?’

‘The Talk’ hosts discussed the comment Mathew Knowles made that his daughter Beyoncé wouldn’t be as successful if she had darker skin. Eve started by saying that when she first read Mathew’s statement she thought “I don’t think that’s right, I don’t think that’s true but then…is it true?” She quickly stated, “I think there are beautiful brown and black skin.. and we shine in an amazing way.”

Sara Gibert then said, “I think if somebody else brought it up we would be listening.” She continues and says “It felt like he was kinda throwing shade unintentionally… I do think it’s a worthwhile conversation.”

Sheryl Underwood said, “It’s something difficult to digest… People don’t understand the levels to the complexion discussion in the black community.” Sheryl raised a question about the Destiny’s Child group dynamics and said to Mr. Knowles “Did you put her [Beyonce] out front because she was lighter skin, or did you put her out front because she’s the bonified lead of Destiny Child.”

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