‘Wazzup’: The Cast of ‘Martin’ Reunites

Rumours of the 90s sitcom ‘Martin’ have been circulating around the Internet and speculation went up a notch when the former cast members were seen leaving a lunch meeting.

Gina (Tisha Campbell-Martin), Martin Payne (Martin Lawrence), and Pam (Tichina Arnold) were spotted by TMZ leaving Morton’s Steakhouse in Burbank Thursday, Feb. 1.

When asked if there’s a possible ‘Martin’ reboot in the works, the cast plays coy with huge grins on their faces and Lawrence says, “Never say never…we don’t know nothing right now but never say never.”

Social media users had mix feelings about the possible reboot of the popular sitcom.




‘Martin’ ran from 1992 and ended in 1997. Lawrence also told Page Six last year that there was no chance of a reunion of happening. “A reunion? No, we’ve done everything that we could do”, he stated.

However, it seems like the cast has buried the hatchet. They explained that if the sitcom reboot does happen the show won’t “relive anything,” but give credence to the past.


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