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Amanda Seales Exercises Caution Before Answering If She’s Benefited from Colorism

Since the interview debate between Charlamagne Da God and Amara La Negra, there has been a huge discussion around colorism amongst Afro-Latinos. The caste system still exists within the Black community as well, but many fail to acknowledge the issue.

Comedian Amanda Seales pulled up a seat to talk with The Breakfast Club yesterday morning (Feb 1st) and touched on the widely controversial topic.

Charlagmane dived right into the question and asked Seales if “being light-skinned” aided her in any way. Seales paused to take a moment before responding, “I think ‘helped’ is a strong word.” She added, “I think there are always things that happen outside of your consciousness. I don’t know if there’s been conversations outside of my awareness that may have been rooted in that. … I do think there’s still a unique space that happens when you are a light-skinned person within the Black community and within society.”

“All of this comes from an outside source. Colorism is not rooted in Black people. … It’s rooted in the divisiveness created by an oppressor”, the “Insecure” actress expressed.

Seales, went into depth about Blacks fighting amongst one another and said it’s important to “get a handle” on the problem at hand.

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