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While Not Confirming Pay Gap, Tracee Ellis Ross Addresses Rumors She Would Appear Less On ‘Black-ish’

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Tracee Ellis Ross also has a JCPenny clothing line that she could use to help make up for her ‘black-ish’ compensation. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

After talk of Tracee Ellis Ross’ ‘Black-ish’ negotiations made headlines, the actress has released a statement to clear the air. It had been reported that Ross threatened to film less of the hit ABC sitcom due to the pay disparity than co-star Anthony Anderson. But Ross says no threats were made.

“There has been a lot of conversation and speculation the last few days regarding my ‘Black-ish‘ salary,” the star tweeted Saturday, Jan. 22. “I was in renegotiation like many actors find themselves in during the fourth season of a successful show. I wanted to be compensated in a way that matches my contribution to a show I love for many reasons, including the opportunity it allows me to reshape what it is to be a fully realized Black woman on TV.”

To make up for her reported fewer appearances on “Black-ish,” a source, who attended a recent Time’s Up meeting in which Ross’ pay came up, told The Hollywood Reporter she would make guest appearances on other shows. Ross’ response did not acknowledge those rumors nor did it confirm a pay disparity between herself and Anderson, who also serves as the show’s executive producer.

“The words and thoughts that were in the original article that started this public conversation were not mine; There were never any threats,” she said. “I wish I would have been called by the reporter to confirm that.”

And while Ross admitted the publicity surrounding her fifth-season renegotiations was “awkward” she said she was pleased that such conversations were happening.

The former “Girlfriends” star was also thankful for all the support she received, which continued to pour out after she released her statement.

“Love you, love the show, and live what your strength and determination inspire in other women!” one person tweeted.

“Black-ish is nothing without you!!!” said another. “We love Rainbow!!”

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