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While Tracee Ellis Ross Has Lots Of Support In Her Fight for Equal Pay, Others Say She Doesn’t Deserve It

tracee ellis ross black-ish

Tracee Ellis Ross is standing up for her worth. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/WireImage)


As Hollywood women more openly discuss their salaries, Tracee Ellis Ross is standing up for her worth. Her pay on “Black-ish” was presented at a recent Time’s Up initiative (the industry initiative against sexual harassment) meeting and there may be some changes coming to the ABC comedy.

Ross, who plays wife and mother, Rainbow Johnson on the hit sitcom, is paid significantly less than her on-screen husband Anthony Anderson. A source told The Hollywood Reporter Thursday, Jan. 18 that Ross is considering appearing less on the series’ upcoming fifth season if her pay isn’t made equal to Anderson’s. She’ll also make up the funds by appearing in guest roles on another series. And while she may not make as much doing so, Ross still has other businesses, like a clothing collection at JCPenney, to ease into the change.

However, a source with the alphabet network told the trade publication a new deal will result in a notable increase in Ross’ pay. And the insider noted that in addition to staring in the series, Anderson also serves as executive producer, indicating the reason for the pay disparity.

That’s a fact that several Twitter users have latched onto when voicing their opinions on the report.

“Tracee Ellis Ross is the prime example for the fight with women getting equal pay as men,” one user said. “She’s a cast member but wants the same pay as the executive producer? She can be replaced just like the other women that don’t do alot [sic] but want CEO pay.”

Another zeroed in on Anderson’s level of fame compared to Ross.

“Anthony Anderson is more famous and has [earned his] pay throughout his career,” tweeted another. “It’s not about men [and] women. I only knew Tracee Ellis Ross from ‘Girlfriends’ before ‘Black-ish.’ If Halle Berry was on the show she would probably be payed [sic] more than Anthony or the same.”

Yet others backed Ross all the way.

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