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Stacey Dash Responds to Seal Saying She ‘Lives In the Sunken Place’

stacey dash

Stacey Dash says the Hollywood cool kids did, in fact, know about Harvey Weinstein (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)


Actress Stacey Dash is making it clear she’s not walking back her stance on the Hollywood sexual assault scandal. Instead, she’s simply making sure her thoughts on the subject are well understood.

The noted conservative drew attention last week when she tweeted about Seal calling out Oprah Winfrey for her apparent knowledge of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault allegations. So in a Tuesday, Jan. 16 essay, Dash questions how anyone in Hollywood could claim they didn’t know about Weinstein’s unwanted advances on women.

“I won’t walk back what I believe,” Dash says using a high school metaphor in an “American News Hub” article. “Oprah the homecoming queen, prom queen and class president knew. Meryl, the high school drama star knew. Most of those women wearing black [at the Golden Globes] knew.

“The class clown, Seth McFarland knew,” she continued. “He joked about it a few years ago on the Oscars, Hollywood’s equivalent of the prom. You know how I can say this? BECAUSE I KNEW.”

Dash went on to recount a time she met with Weinstein but knew enough to “bring a male chaperone.” The “Clueless” actress said it worked to her advantage when the Miramax founder ended up making a move on her.

The ex-Fox News correspondent also feels a woman who feels she’s been sexually assaulted should immediately go to the police. Dash also makes the case for not making accusations that mean men are “demonized and fired and ruined.”

She also responded to Seal slamming her for what she said was an “overzealous assistant” using his words about Oprah and Weinstein for her agenda.

“Seal’s entitled to his opinion, whichever one he chooses to support or retract,” Dash wrote. “However, I stand firm on my own belief that the kids at the cool table knew.”

“To demonize an entire sex, which has been under assault for the last decade for its ‘toxic masculinity’ by a far left feminist agenda is not any different than pronouncing a religion as evil or a breeding ground for terrorism,” she concluded. “Here’s the deal, whether it’s Hollywood, the military, the blue or white collar sectors or most of all, anyone in our daily lives, we are to treat each other with respect. The fact of the matter is, we can’t behave and that’s why we have the messes we do.”

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