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Sunny’s Passionate Reaction to Trump’s Comments Prompts Viewer to Question Her Commitment to Haiti

Sunny Hostin once again hit back at a Twitter user who tried to diminish her stance. The co-host of “The View” remarked on President Donald Trump’s racist remarks about Africa and Haiti and one viewer didn’t like what she heard.

“For this president to say that [Haiti] is a ‘shithole,’ I felt like he was talking about my [Haitain] father-in-law, like he was talking about my husband, like he was talking about my Haitian children,” Hostin says. “And I am so offended.”

In response, a viewer claimed no one has ever seen Hostin traveling to Haiti or any African countries, claiming she could be abducted or assaulted.

And in true Hostin fashion, the senior legal correspondent and analyst, who recently came back from a trip to Haiti, schooled @Lovelyxillusion.

Some commenters thought Hostin should simply exercise her use of the block button.

Yet Hostin’s remark garnered plenty of support, too.

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