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Rachel Dolezal Gets Dragged for Trying to Cash In On H&M Hoodie Controversy

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Former viral sensation Rachel Dolezal is back in the news after making her own version of a controversial H&M hoodie. The white woman who rose to fame for claiming she’s transracially Black on Tuesday, Jan. 9, initially shared what she called a “protest” against the Swedish retailer. H&M earlier this week came under fire for putting a Black model in a top with a sentence many described as racist. Dolezal later made some amendments to her version, but it didn’t go over well regardless.

“Here is my protest hoodie to counter H&M’s ‘Coolest Monkey in the Jungle‘ shirt,” she wrote in a since-deleted post captured above. “I had to… because my son was called a ‘monkey’ in second grade and I remember going to the principal about it.

“This hits home with many of us moms, I’m sure,” she added. “So, I spent today designing this new hoodie that my little son will soon be wearing with pride.”

Dolezal attempted to put a positive spin on the hoodie by writing, “Coolest Prince in the Hood.”

But social media users weren’t having it.

By Wednesday, Jan. 10, Dolezal posted another version exchanging “hood” for “world” after some took issue with it. Her final version of the hoodie, which replaces “world” with “planet,” was posted that same day.

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“I’m doing this for the Cause, so if you don’t like it then do your own thing,” she said, hitting back at critics. “(& let me know what you’re doing so I can support!)”

Yet her comments continued to be filled with detractors.

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