‘Jesus Be a Fence’: Fans Are Scarred After Raunchy OnlyFans Photos of Blackfisher Rachel Dolezal Gets Leaked on Twitter

Blackfisher Rachel Dolezal has recently grabbed the attention of Black Twitter after her OnlyFans photos – which showed her naked body, leaked on Monday Sept. 26. 

Dolezal’s representative told TMZ, “Yes, Dolezal has indeed started a profile on the site.”

According to the Gossip site, Dolezal’s OnlyFans account was created to pay tribute to icon Rihanna and her successful lingerie line, “Savage x Fenty.” 

Four raunchy photos of the 44-year-old hit some individuals’ feeds and scarred the Twitterverse, which prompted folks to call on the Lord himself to save their Twitter timeline. 

“Rachel Dolezal’s OnlyFans nudes going across my timeline is truly proof that Jesus Babatunde Harold Chrsst just needs to come collect us. Just play the trumpet. Let’s be done.”

“Y’all mean to tell me that startled and naked mulatto woman I keep seeing on my timeline is Rachel Dolezal?? Jesus be a fence.”

“Why is Rachel Dolezal’s naked body on my timeline? I was us to learn the power of *ignore*”

Dolezal made fame in 2015 after posing as a Black woman for years before it was revealed she was in fact caucasian. Dolezal attended HBCU Howard University, constantly rocked box braids, and was president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington. 

While Dolezal acknowledged being born white, the transracial activist stated having more of a connection to “Blackness”. In a interview with Daytime TV Show “The Real,” Dolezal stated, “I think that sometimes how we feel is more powerful than how we’re born.” 

She continued her own definition of “Blackness” which she said can be, “Defined as philosophical, cultural, biological.”

6 years after Dolezal’s problematic identity was revealed, Dolezal sat down with talk show host Tamron Hall and reflected on her life and on the controversy she caused by pretending to be a Black woman. 

“I really wish people could see me you know more for who I am than the what.” She told Hall.

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