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Jim Jones: The GoFundMe for My Mom’s House Is Fake News!

Jim Jones is the latest person to be victimized by a suspicious GoFundMe campaign.”This is a lie,” the “Love & Hip Hop” star wrote on Instagram Tuesday, Dec. 26. “Do not send money to this fraud. It’s not us we have nothin’ to do [with] this. I have insurance, stupid lol. It’s f—– up [that] people use other people’s tragedies to benefit from. F— [you and] GoFundMe for allowing this to happen. I see GoFundMe allow [sic] [a lot] of this bulls— to happen. They must be really makin’ lot of money [off] of people [sic] misfortunes.”

He followed by thanking people for their good wishes after his mother’s home burned down on Christmas Day.

Earlier this month, bullied 11-year-old Keaton Jones’ story turned into a cash grab after two fundraisers on the website were deleted or put on hold. As news about the Tennesee boy’s parent’s racist leanings became uncovered, MMA and Muay Thai fighter Joe Schilling also questioned mom Kimberly Jones’ request for money in lieu of attending a Bellator MMA event in Los Angeles.

Back in April, an artist was accused by a college art student of plagiarizing her design of Michelle Obama as an Egyptian queen. Chris Devins had raised $12,000 to paint a mural of Obama in the traditional headpiece. It led to a dispute between him and the LIM College attendee.

A search for the Jones’ fundraiser Wednesday has yielded zero results.

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However, Jones wasn’t alone in his outrage over a stranger taking advantage of his family’s tragedy.

Jim Jones gofundme Jim Jones gofundme Jim Jones gofundme Jim Jones gofundme

And many tore into GoFundMe, which touts itself as at the “#1 and most trusted free fundraising platform.”



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