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Black Homeless Georgia Teen Reveals Solution Has Been Reached in $184K GoFundMe Funds



Fred Barley, the 19-year-old student who had his GoFundMe funds frozen over questions about his inspiring story, revealed on Facebook yesterday a solution was found. The college sophomore biked for 6 hours to register for classes at Gordon State College this summer, and the story encouraged the nation.

Casey Blaney of Blairsville, Georgia – where the college is located – set up a fundraiser after being inspired by his drive for education. Controversy erupted over his story when he was unable to retrieve the more than $184,000 raised after his campaign was put under review.

Now, Barley will have a trust set up on his terms.

“My attorney Christopher Chapman has got in contact with Wright Gammon, Mrs. Blaney’s attorney, and has come to terms so both parties are happy,” the sophomore wrote Monday evening. “I will be allowed to put it into a trust that covers both living expenses and help with my tuition.”

He added Blaney” does not want anything to do with the trust account any longer” and everything will be turned over to Gammon.

An official from GoFundMe spoke to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution yesterday about the development.

“We’re pleased everyone agreed to set up an Educational Trust for Fred,” Bobby Whithorne told the AJC. “As soon as the trust is fully established, the funds will be directly transferred to the trust.”

Since the controversy erupted, many have voiced their support for the teen to make his own decisions regarding the education donations. A petition was launched in an effort to give Barley access to his funds. Soon after, Urban Fundr  launched a campaign strictly awarding all donations to the teen – no questions asked.

Messages of support have flooded Barley’s Facebook page since he shared the good news.

Shelia Sutton Hobbs was thrilled the teen would have one less worry in school.

Gail Patrick Rooks welcomed him to Gordon State and was pleased things worked out for the student.

Derek Beasley congratulated Barley and was eager to hear more about his future accomplishments.

Lisa Davis also voiced her support, saying the hopeful medical student deserves “every bit” of his success.

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4 thoughts on “Black Homeless Georgia Teen Reveals Solution Has Been Reached in $184K GoFundMe Funds

  1. Can someone name a white person that has gone through this?

  2. That woman know she was wrong for that…..I'm glad someone talked some sense into her…greed is powerful.

  3. That someone would be her attorney who dropped this case asap.

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