Joe Budden On Leaving ‘Everyday Struggle: ‘Cut Me a Slice Of What You Sell to Properties!’

"I'm not the only creator that feels that way around there."


Joe Budden promised his podcast would be “litty” and it was just that. The rapper explained what led up to his departure from “Everyday Struggle,” a morning web show produced by Complex magazine.

Budden, who created the 8-month-old show, explained contracts were meant to be broken and took issue with the way Complex wanted the hosts to sport Nike’s Vapormax sneakers as part of a sponsorship deal. The next issue included a lack of payment for sponsored brands like Nike and Spotify.

“I cannot create a show and you sell the f—— properties of that show without cutting a slice to the n—– that make that f—— show possible, sorry,” he says Wednesday, Dec. 20 on “The Joe Budden Podcast.” “That’s not Joe being irate.”

His other issue was the inclusion of guests on the program, which may explain his heated debate with Lil Yachty that quickly went viral. He blamed Complex and owner Verizon for zeroing in on how guests boosted numbers on the program.

“I did not create this show to f—— talk to guests every day,” he says. “I. Hate. F——. Guests! Now that I’m unemployed allow me to speak freely. I hate all of you n—–. Every last one.”

He later added he thought Complex would recognize the way he and Akademiks helped the brand by showing appreciation when renegotiations came rolling around.

“You cannot, you cannot, you cannot, you cannot, not acknowledge the creators and compensate the creators,” he says. “And if I were a poker player I would be willing to move all of my chips to the table to say I’m not the only creator that feels that way around there.”

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Meanwhile, DJ Akademiks explained in a Wednesday video that he and Budden’s dynamic made the show work. He said that it was up to them and the rest of the team to shape the program and said contract negotiations between Budden and Complex fell apart this month.

“Complex had issues with Joe in terms of getting certain sponsorships and these things to go down accordingly … clearly, they tried to make an offer to him … what they offered to him, I don’t know. But clearly, he wasn’t down with it. He ain’t rock out with that and that kinda led to them saying, ‘You know what? We have to start solving problems quick.'”

He noted the company launched negotiations for his next contract around three months ago, while they only spoke to Akademiks a week ago. Still, Complex and Budden couldn’t hammer out a way to make things work after the company made its final offer two months ago. For Akademiks’ part, he’s still working out his contract. But he didn’t rule out walking away if he got a “disrespectful” offer.

“By the way, me and Joe, we still talk every day,” he says. “I am very confident that in some capacity, me and him will work together. I would love for it to be on a debate show.”

Online, many have been backing up Budden for standing up for creatives.

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