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Twitter Clowns Joe Budden for Trying to Financially Educate Lil Yachty, But Did He Actually Have a Point?

Joe Budden has a passionate plea for Lil Yachty to be more aggressive about his finances, but the 19-year-old rapper has a more relaxed approach.

Budden discussed the rap business with Yachty on his web series “Everyday Struggle” and took issue with Yachty proclaiming he’s happy every day.

“Feelings are fickle,” Budden said. “What that means is they come and they go. Nobody is one thing forever. … You would be lying to tell me as a young man … in the music business [that] you are happy 24/7. That is a lie! That is bulls—!”

Yachty responded by asking how he could be upset after he went from living in a college dorm with no money, clothes or interest from women “and you come to having three, four cars, you got millions of dollars … and any kind of clothes you want?”

“Because I don’t believe that’s where your values lie,” Budden says. “That’s why.”

Later in the interview, Budden didn’t seem pleased with the response he got when he asked Yachty what he wants from the industry.

“Or are you leaving all of this to [your label] QC to figure out?” Budden responds after Yachty stutters.

“I mean, I’m just, I’m— I’m making music, bro. I’m having fun!” he says. “My fans love it.”

“You’re gonna have a problem with ‘just having fun’ in five years,” Budden says. “You’re gonna have a big problem with just having … You don’t sound like you’re very aware with what’s going on, and you one of the hottest n—– on Earth.”

Yachty could hardly get a word in after that.

“I want you to be aware of your business,” Budden interrupts. “I want you to know if you in the 360 [deal] or not. I want you to appreciate the culture that changed your life and took you from college dorm room eating f—— Oodles [of] Noodles. I want you, who’s well-spoken and articulates himself well …”

“My n—-, chill,” Yachty replies.

Online, some sided with Budden and the way he tried to get Yachty to learn about where his money is going.

Most made fun of Budden’s impassioned argument.

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