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BeyHive Comes for Tomi Lahren After She Disses Beyoncé As ‘Police Hating’

When Beyoncé presented Colin Kaepernick with the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award Tuesday night, many haters came out of the woodwork. One outspoken right-winger, Tomi Lahren, was one of them and the BeyHive did not take her tweet lightly.

Bey thanked Kaepernick, who is responsible for launching the NFL protest against the national anthem, for his “selfless heart.” But Lahren decided to bash the singer, who famously appeared on top of a police car in her “Formation” video.

While Bey and free agent quarterback Kaepernick have gone on record as saying they are not anti-police or anti-American, the former TheBlaze correspondent paid that no mind.

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But the BeyHive did and they swooped in quickly to defend their queen.

And Bey’s mom herself, Tina Lawson, also hit back. She slammed the idea that Bey and Kaep are “disrespecting our soldiers or All police officers, who protect us every day and we have the utmost respect for. Or the Flag.”

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