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Fox Nation Host Tomi Lahren Blasted For Comparing Stay-At-Home Orders to ‘Willful Slavery’

Fox Nation commentator Tomi Lahren was dragged on Twitter after she compared social distancing to slavery.

The conservative pundit tweeted the comment on the afternoon of Monday, April 27. She openly supports looser COVID-19 guidelines and regularly uses “#ReopenAmerica” in her tweets, according to The Daily Beast.

“Compliance starting to look a whole lot like willful slavery. #ReopenAmerica,” Lahren wrote.

Tomi Lahren deleted a tweet after she was criticized for comparing stay-at-home orders to slavery. (Photo by: Ronen Tivony) (Photo by Ronen Tivony/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Predictably, she was slammed for comparing sheltering in place to bondage.

“Imagine this white trash comparing the present situation to slavery. She doesn’t get it and never will,” wrote one person.

“Again a fragile ass Karen, who cannot take staying home for a few month, [comparing it] to a lifelong system of slavery,” said another detractor.

“No, willful slavery would be ignorantly going back to jobs that won’t protect you from getting sick because a bunch of rich white people aren’t reaping the profits they normally would be making off the backs of others,” explained one more.

Lahren eventually deleted the tweet and posted a short rant about the pandemic’s effect on the economy.

“The point was to flatten the curve, not eradicate the virus. It may take a year or more to kill the virus but the economy and livelihoods of millions are about to be destroyed entirely. Enough. #ReopenAmerica,” she wrote.

She also blamed criticism of the reopen movement on leftist hypocrisy.

“The same people who said it was acceptable and valiant to jump turnstiles and riot in the streets overpaying a subway fare are now shaming and demonizing Americans who simply want to reopen their businesses and get back to work,” the 27 year old said. “The mental gymnastics is impressive.”

About a week prior, Lahren compared stay-at-home orders to communism. On April 14, she accused California of being a “felon friendly state” until the virus struck.

“Look around Los Angeles or San Francisco, you can pitch a tent, defecate or light a crack pipe just about anywhere with little to no consequence. But don’t you dare leave your home for something deemed not essential,” she said in a broadcast filmed from her kitchen.

Lahren supported stricter law enforcement after the crisis is over.

“I guess all I can say is I hope this wave of strict and stern law enforcement continues on after this pandemic has subsided because I’d sure hate to think the state is cracking down on shelter-in-place bandits more than it does crooks, criminals, cons and criminal illegal aliens,” she continued. “So let’s enforce all the laws, shall we?”

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