Tyrese Skips Custody Hearing Where Ex-Wife Calls for Mental Evaluation

tyrese ex-wife

Tyrese has been displaying his emotional outbursts online. (Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Things still aren’t looking great for Tyrese Gibson. After the actor blamed prescription drugs for his bizarre online behavior, he reportedly did not appear at a custody hearing Tuesday. In addition, his ex-wife requested Gibson undergoes a mental evaluation and now the singer has made his Instagram account private.

Gibson’s lawyer Terry Levich Ross, who has filed for substitution of attorney, represented the singer in court Nov. 14, Page Six reported. A day earlier, the website said Gibson planned to represent himself at the hearing over 10-year-old Shayla.

At Tuesday’s hearing, where a judge has yet to order a mental evaluation on Gibson, Norma Mitchell Gibson sought a permanent restraining order against her ex-husband. TMZ reported that Mitchell Gibson’s attorney, Aleen Khanjian, referenced the odd videos of Gibson on social media in the mental evaluation request. Plus, she mentioned a court-appointed evaluator stated Gibson has a mental illness — yet the star has said he is not depressed.

The showdown follows Gibson’s ex-wife alleging the actor hit Shayla so many times that the child was unable to sit. She also claimed Gibson “pushed our daughter to the ground, pinned her face down, put his knees on her back, grabbed her hands with one arm and beat her with the other.”

The allegations have taken a toll on Gibson, who tearfully explained he hadn’t seen his daughter in 60 days and that he was broke on Instagram Nov. 1. Three days later, after clearing up that he was all right, he claimed Will and Jada Pinkett Smith had sent him $5 million dollars to “keep us afloat.” It wasn’t true, sources told TMZ.

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But things took a turn Monday, Nov. 13 when Gibson explained he was behaving erratically because of a psychiatric medication prescribed to help him cope with the ugly custody battle.

“[It] had an adverse effect on me and this is the reason I had a complete meltdown online — I’m in the clear now,” Gibson said on Instagram. “This is being flushed out of my system and I’m [all ready] to get back at 100 percent.”

By Wednesday, Nov. 15, however, the star of the “Fast and Furious” franchise had made his Instagram private, so it’s not so easy to discover his thoughts on Tuesday’s hearing. However, the star still has his Instagram account linked to his Twitter, and one from Wednesday afternoon may be telling.

Gibson, a Capricorn, indicated that he’ll remain civil with his ex-wife but won’t necessarily forgive her for dragging him through their custody battle.

tyrese ex-wife

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