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Isaiah Washington Questions Women Who Wear Weaves: ‘Is it Worth It Emotionally?’

Isaiah Washington wendy williams

Isaiah Washington has long been politically outspoken. (Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic)

Isaiah Washington wasted no time clapping back at his detractors over a question about ‘Queens’ wearing weave. The former “Grey’s Anatomy” star on Saturday, questioned why women subjected themselves to judgment by wearing extensions over their natural hair.

When a Twitter user asked if they should be able to wear what they like, he responded in the affirmative… with a caveat.

The tweet spurred several unfavorable responses….

… but a quip from a writer at Madame Noire and Wendy Williams’ coverage of the story really got Washington going.

“Remember Isaiah Washington, the actor who was fired from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for calling his co-star T.R. Knight a gay slur?” the article by Williams read. “Well, Isaiah is now targeting women who wear weaves.”

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Then Washington questioned coverage of the #ForTheD challenge and Kerry Washington recently gushing about enjoying her natural hair.

Washington isn’t the only man who has faced the brunt of Twitter users over a hot take on weave. Earlier this year, singer Tyrese, who is known for putting his foot in his mouth when it comes to women, was in the same boat.

““If your beauty has been purchased, that’s fine…. own it, enjoy it,” he said on Instagram in March, after proclaiming he was #TeamNatural. “Just know that us REAL ones out here see the REAL….”

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